Night And Life Is Beautiful Analysis

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Night by Elie Wiesel and Life is Beautiful by Vincenzo Cerami are both persoal accounts of Holocaust survivors. Both stories take on their own feel and tone, but both have overlapping themes and ideas. Both father son duos experienced the horrors of the Holocaust but each story shows a different perspective of what happened during that time.
In both Night and Life is Beautiful the theme of the cruelty of humanity can be seen throughout the story. The Holocaust was a dark time when people did horrendous, unthinkable things to other human beings. In both accounts there is a scene where the characters see countless bodies that are dead or as good as dead. Elie sees the babies and young children being thrown into the furnaces while Guido sees
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In the book Night Elie and his father are shown undeserved kindness in five different forms. Elie did nothing to deserve the things God gave him, in fact, he did just the opposite, he turned his back on his God and decided to act out in a rebellion against Him, but God still provided. God allowed Elie to keep his gold tooth, stay with his father, have an easier kommando, meet the french girl who encouraged him, and have a nice block captain who gave them extra stuff. Elie’s story shows that no matter what is going on God will never turn His back on His children, even if they turn their backs on Him. Correspondingly, in the movie Life is Beautiful God provided for Joshua in the fact that the concentration camp has little to no aftereffect on his future life. Guido was able to create a game like atmosphere that shield Joshua from the horrors that went on around him and amazingly the other prisoners helped his father keep the charade alive. The Bible tells us that children are important to God and that whatever someone does for the children, they do for Him. It was amazing how far Guido was willing to go to protect his own son and how the other inmates were just as willing to keep Joshua hidden and away from