Night at the museum review Essay

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Night at the Museum movie review

The Movie is an action packed movie thriller all about adventure, comedy and fantasy. Museum`s can be boring interesting or fun to some people. But you will love museums more than you ever , if you watch this amazing movie. For Ben Stiller museums are his life because he encounters the most interesting journey in a museum. When all the artifacts, and dinosaurs, come to life at night once the museum is closed and he is the only security guard that gets to go on adventure through history.

In my opinion I think this movie was a amazing thriller because the movie makes you feel like a kid again because the movie is so adventurous action full and interesting. This movie takes place when a man named Ben Stiller gets divorced with his wife and the son lives with his father who is Ben Stiller. A ancient Egyptian artifact makes all the historical artifacts in the museum come to life at night and roam the museum . Ben Stiller sets off a journey in the museum, trying to find the Egyptian Artifact when he encounters security patrol, alive dinosaurs, and historical people. Everything goes wrong when Ben stiller try`s to find the artifact. The rest of the movie leaves it for you because I don`t want to spoil this amazing and interesting movie for you.

Night at the museum got a rating of 9 and I agree with that because as I said before “this movie is outstanding!” Honestly this movie was one of my all favorite movies even though the age level for…