Night By Elie Wiesel Research Paper

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Gabriel Rocha
Night essay
November 13, 2012

The Jewish Massacre
When humanity was created God gave us the right of freedom, would it be right if someone tried to take that from you? In the non-fiction memoir, Night, by Elie Wiesel the character Eli goes through a very difficult period for being Jew Eli and his family had to suffer on the Nazis hand. The Nazis did horrible things with the Jews, Eli and some of his fellows were a few that survived to tell the story.
Hitler’s Plan was to create a new race and exterminate everyone that was against it. The Nazis started by taking their houses. That meant a lot for them because it was one of the few things they had as property, they didn’t know at the time what was happening, the Nazis used strategies to lie and convince them that what they were doing was right and that it would be all normal in the end. His strategies to convince them was so good that some of the Jews would help him not knowing, that the only thing he wanted was to create his own race.
The Nazis Dehumanized the Jewish people by making them feel like animals. They had to march on the snow with no shoes bare foot, those that could keep up, would continue with the group, those that couldn’t would be executed in front of the others so they had no option; they had to go through this and many other situations, as taking their personal jewelry as soon as they got to the concentration club they had to give all the jewelry that they had, besides that they had to walk around with a star which was called the star of David.