Night: Discrimination and English Class Essay

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Dear, Mr. Wiesel

My name is . My English class has been reading your book "Night," one of the few survivor stories of the Holocaust. The Holocaust is the ultimate example of genocide, which always starts as an idea and like a wild fire, it grows. I've seen this idea among people. Discrimination among differences still exists. After all the human falters in history, we still go back to the origins of that same evil that gave birth to unimaginable terrors only a few years ago. There is not one school I've ever attended with a curriculum that excludes the Holocaust. I've studied it many times. In classrooms, my peers would look at these atrocities and go into a revered silence with expressions of gloom, and rightfully so.

I can't help to think, however, that almost everyone studies the Holocaust and we still discriminate against each other, either seriously or jokingly. It happens every day. We look at the holocaust and never take that knowledge inward into the heart. We can't even fathom that the same ideology that fueled excuse my language but hell on earth could even pass through our minds, so we separate the two. To me, discrimination is discrimination; it all leads to the same place. Your book, is an attempt to change all that, and is my greatest admiration of you. I too, dream of a world without discrimination and is why I am writing this letter to you. Your book "Night" has several things in it that needs to be really heard and acknowledged by every person claiming to be human, especially those claiming to reject the idea of having another Holocaust. Younger people need to know not to underestimate the evil that can be produced by humans. If we could just cast away all the evil everyone would but we can’t so I we must make the best out of the worse. I know I could never truly ever understand what you went through but I do know some of it and I want you to know that you are a warrior not at war but in your mind. You wrote this book to tell people about what you face at a very young age something I never could have done.

Your book shows just how cruel and evil a person can be if they put their mind into it. I know