Essay on Night: Elie Wiesel and Quote

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Night What happens when you are on death road and you don’t know it? The book Night by Elizer Wiesel is about the author’s life when he was a teenager and was involved in to contributing in World War two and was deprived of everything from his family to his hair. Night is all about the Jews suffering but even with nothing they still had hope. In the book on page 39 starting with, “We thought…through us.” Mr. Wiesel is stating that through everything he has seen/done he believes that there is nothing that can frighten him anymore. The significance is that even with no rights to anything they got through troubling times with their hope. This quote connects to my theme of hope by describing of how the Jews have put up with the Germans but have still not given up because they have hope. I myself believe that if I was going through these troublesome moments I would also get through this as long as I had my hopes up even with the odds against me. My second quote on page 92 starts off by, “Nobody wanted…destination.” Mr. Wiesel states that with the knowledge that he knows that they are close to the camp it means that this is not the time to give up. The significance is that when you want to give up and you know you’re close to your goal you’ve got to keep pushing until the end. This quote relates to my theme that even with exhaustion and need for a brake because you’re going to collapse you keep pushing yourself to the end which gives you hope that you are almost done with your goal. If I were in this situation I would keep going because I know that if I give up know I will never know what could have been at the end of my goal if I didn’t have the will to keep going. My final quote on page 113 starts with, “Since my…anymore.” Mr. Wiesel remarks that with his father gone he felt like there was no reason for him to live anymore. The significance is that sometimes when someone/something is lost you feel like a part of you has died. This quote supports my theme because it shows that without out you have no reason to live but with hope even if something tragic has happened you can get through things and succeed. If this happened to me I would be