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Different. You have used this word to describe someone or something. According to the defintion of different is, “not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar”. When you use the word different, are you describing someone or something negatively? Exactly. When someone or something is different than the norm, people see it as a threat. People hurt or put a bad label on people who are different because they are scared about the unknown.

Hannah Senesh faced many difficulties because she was different. When she was in school she wasn’t allowed to hold office because she was Jewish. Being a Jew in a Christian school, on top of being born in a time where singularity was frowned upon, was tough for Senesh.
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Elie was a Jew born during the time of the Holocaust. The Holocaust is a perfect example of people hurting other people just because of their differences. Hitler had the idea of “the perfect race” and anything different than them was bad and needed to be destroyed. In an excerpt from the passage “Night”, Wiesel describes a worker saying “Men to the left! Women to the right!”. This shows how people are separated by differences in a smaller context. Then there is a short dialogue between another prisoner and Wiesel, “I’m not quite fifteen yet.” “No. Eighteen.” “But I’m not,” I said, “Fifteen.” “Fool. Listen to what I say.”. Again because of differences Elie’s future would have been affected greatly. Elie Wiesel’s story and the Holocaust in general are horrific examples of people hurting people because they are different.

Seeing different as a threat is a huge problem in this World. It leads to violence, crushed spirits, and hurts so many people. Everybody has the right to be who they are without being judged. Hannah Senesh and Elie Wiesel stayed strong even through everything that was going on. It shows extreme determination and drive to stay strong through horrible things like the Holocaust. Once the World realizes that being different is a given, and somebody is always going to be different than you, the World will be a better