Night Elie Wiesel Reflection

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It was in tenth grade when we read Night by Elie Wiesel. When I saw the book I felt as if this dark background on the cover had a very interesting history that had to do with the will of having strong courage and being brave. The moon on the cover made me feel as if there was a dark moment in one's life where he/she must overcome a very horrific event. “Night”, the only time where everything is real to someone. Where they need to overcome a strong conflict that they must have to face at a time.

Elie Wiesel was trapped in the genocide of the most religious people known as the Jews who practice Judaism. It was only one man who controlled all of this, he was Adolf Hitler. Obviously the Jews would rely on their “God” or “Jehovah” to set the Jews free and save them from the horrific genocide that they are put through. If they were to rely on their god, wouldn't their god have spared the six million Jews that were violently slaughtered by the Germans? If it were me, I would have lost faith in anything that would have to do with Judaism. Just like how many Jews have
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They have lost their faith in the God they have been loyal to. But Elie Wiesel did not want to follow the crowd of not being loyal to his God. Elie Wiesel regained his faith in God from a speech he has written in the 1980’s that won the “nobel peace prize”. Wiesel's topic was to not lose faith in something/someone he had been loyal to his whole life.
“I pray to the God within me that He will give me the strength to ask Him the right questions.”- Elie Wiesel-Night. It’s not that Wiesel has lost faith in his god, it’s that he questions the god that he is still loyal to. This is inspiring mainly because he believes in his own religion and that he has strong faith for, unlike the many other Jews that have dropped Judaism because of the holocaust. Elie Wiesel's point was to never lose faith in something he believes so strongly