Night Essay

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night is a tragic more about life in concentration camps to buy Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. throughout the course of the story is the overbearing this of loss. do his experiences in Nazi camps I lose faith and religion family and Humanity. ELISA loses faith in God he like many others in the concentration camps struggles for life physically and mentally. the heart of life causes him to stop believing religion. what shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and vice a lantern my dreams into dust"(pg32) what's the rate of survival head ceased for so many people eat with guy to just take him out of his misery. why should I bust his name the eternal Lord of the universe and the all powerful and terrible silence. page 31 silence is a troubled Ellie the most never shall I forget that nocturnal silence deprived me for all eternity the desire to live. Ellie struggles with faith is a major internal conflict he say sis the boy who won previously asked why you praise to God would answer why did I pray why did I live why did I breeze religion was a huge part of his life. his belief seem to have been unconditional as if he couldn't live without his idea face in divine power button experience in the Holocaust head she can all of that. while in the camp a man asks where is God after young boys Hank total silence throughout the camp the existence of a higher being is for ever shot heard from alley who would let any of this harder happen he's confused as to what he did wrong and why did Germans would want him and his entire is dead or white God for the train him and let such a thing happen. I did not tonight I got sick sistance but I doubt is his absolute justice paid 42. the fact that he had made it through all of this gave him confidence and