Night: Of Mice and Men and Lennie Essay

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Sarah Amador

Mrs. Campbell

English II

Per. 1 OMM Thematic Essay

In the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the following themes are prevalent. Loneliness, and isolation, the pursuit of the American dream, friendship, companionship, and prejudice. Crooks is lonely because he is the only black man on the farm, he has no one to relate to because he is a black man. For example, when Lennie asks Crooks why isn’t he allowed to play cards he responds, “Cause I’m black” (68). Crook’s is discriminated against because of his race. The men in the barn are prejudice, and because of that Crooks isn’t allowed to do a lot of things, including playing cards. In addition, Crooks isn’t respected because he is a colored man, and proves it when he says, “If I say something, why it’s just a nigger sayin it” (70). Crooks opinion taken into consideration because of the men’s prejudice views of men. Even as a grown man, he is not taken seriously or even respected. Being ridiculed and lonely, Crooks live in isolation from the rest of the men on the ranch.

Lennie and George’s dream affects them because it motivates them to be able to have and live a better life. For example, when Lennie asks George how their love are going to be, George responds, “We got a future” (14). George believes that they aren’t like other ranch guys that have no family and don’t belong somewhere, but that they have somebody or something to live for. This is George’s and Lennie’s dream that they have a future, because they have each other. In addition, when Lennie asks George how things are going to be when they get their ranch he says, “We’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house and a couple of acre’s an’ a cow and some pigs” (14). George tells Lennie that they have something to look forward too that they are going to be somebody, and not nobody’s. George and Lennie’s dream is important because it lets them know that they have a better life ahead of them. George and Lennie’s dream is a motivator to them, to keep moving forward to their American dream.

George and Lennie’s relationship is dangerous, yet eventful because of Lennie’s child-like persona, and George’s quick temper. For example, when Slim asks how they got in trouble in Weed George tells him, “Dumb bastard, he wants to touch ever’thing he likes” (41). Lennie shows his childlike qualities because like a child, he likes to touch everything he likes. Lennie not only possess a child-like persona, but also does not know his own strength. In addition, when Lennie tells George about how pretty Curley’s wife is, George gets angry and says, “You leave her be” (32). George tries to protect Lennie because he knows how Lennie is. George is the more mature, smart one because he not only takes care of Lennie, but of himself as well. George and Lennie’s relationship is a close relationship,