Night Of The Living Dead Film Analysis

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Many view films simply as entertainment however some works can have a subtext which confronts the audience and makes them question their society and what is possible. Authors and directors such as Romero pushed movies boundaries to connect with the audience's real public issues much like Vietnam or the Cold War in his horror movies which made them controversial and gave them a depth. Although Night of the Living Dead is seen simply as a classic horror movie George A. Romero used it to document contemporary social change of the 1960’s.
Many social issues were addressed one of which was the brutality of the Vietnam war and the impact it cast on patriotism.“The Vietnam War led to widespread disillusionment and cynicism about the truthfulness
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Since parents and children began to take“ differing perceptions of patriotism, drug use, sexuality, and the work ethic” (Walsh).This is especially present in the controversial scene of Karen Cooper turning into a zombie and killing both her parents embodying the danger of the divide in political and social views between parent and child. Karen although in the house isn't really shown although the characters do express a concern for her safety and future, but she almost seems to ignore throughout the movie till she turns against her parents, which implies that if the younger generation's views are ignored it may lead to them to try and over through their government like Karen did her parents. Communism is also shown when they discover that the zombies may be the result of radiation from space which called attention to the “United States and the Soviet Union began exploring the solar system with rockets and satellites”(Walsh). The space race, although leading to many technological breakthroughs did instill a sense of uncertainty in the public as science began to push the limits which many thought could result in something like a virus or radiation. The nuclear tension also is shown since, in the end, it turns out the basement is the safest place which is the case for most issues because nuclear tension led to fallout basements becoming common.
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