Nightmare: September 11 Attacks and People Essay

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N I g h t m a r e

September 11, 2001 is one of the most memorable days in our history. This tragic day is still known up to this point in time. Innocent lives were deeply ruined. Many families where left with questions that had no true meaning. I will explain my point of view on this misfortunate time of year.

On the following morning of September 11th, four planes, from the Boston Logan Airport, were hijacked by Muslim. Their goal was to make the U.S economy suffer by destroying its power source.

8:46 AM flight 11 has slammed into one of the twin towers. At 9:03 AM another flight also known as 175 has hit the second tower. Smoke is all in the sky people on the streets are crying, scared, and don’t know what is going on. Some People automatically know that it is a terrorist attack; it goes all over the news worldwide.

The south tower begins to collapse at 9:53 AM. Later the north tower starts to collapse at 10:28 AM. New York is now covered in dust and smoke, people can’t breathe well they hold their mouths to not inhale the dust. Some people were covered in dust; they said “It was hard to see through the smoke because it seemed as if it were night time because of the thickness of the dust clouds”. It took three days for the smoke to clear up to finally see the sky again. The pentagon was also attacked but not as deeply damaged as the twin towers were. The fourth plane was supposed to hit The White House, but the passengers over took