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Executive Summary

Nike is an American company that produces and sells footwear, clothes and accessories for sport. First known as “Blue Ribbon Sports” in 1962. Nike runs a marketing strategy that uses athletes to endorse its brand. Nike believes that if a product is used by an athlete, it will increase other people desire to buy the product. Nike uses athletes from many sports such as running, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis even Olympic athletes during Olympic Games in China. Of course, Nike makes a good selection about which athletes they will use. Nike uses athletes that have good career at the moment, such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, or Rafael Nadal. Nike also sponsored the Brazilian soccer team that is the winner of World Cup in 2004.
Not just that, Nike also making approach via community. Nike starts a partnership with Apple and creates a mobile application called Nike+ (Plus). Nike+ (Plus) uses technology that captures mileage, burnt calories and pace while people are doing their exercise then upload it. Therefore, people can see what they earn from their exercise from their iPod, iTouch or iPhone. Because of these features, Nike+ (Plus) become the greatest running club in the world. Those strategies bring Nike into number one athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer in the world.


There are two types of reasons why people buy something, because they are functionally or emotionally driven. People who are functionally driven tend to buy products because its function. No matter what the brand is, as long as the products fill their needs, they will buy it. On the other hand, people who are emotionally driven are willing to buy products because of the brand, advertisement or endorsement from others compared to its