Essay about Nike Company Analysis

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Unit 6 Assignment 2

Nike, Incorporated
Company Analysis

Michael G. Castro

Capella University
MBA6008 – Global Economic Environment
Professor Hadsell
February 15, 2013
Being the world’s leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, Nike holds to their mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world (Bowerman, 2011). Not only does Nike design, develop, and sell a slew of products and services to help athletes, they also market sports-inspired products for everyone else whom Nike classifies as an athlete because in their eyes, if one has a body, then they are an athlete. Nike’s main driver is in its emphasis on sports, however it is in the apparel
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In addition, Nike has contributed numerous other society programs to further prolong their efforts in the lives of many: Homeless World Cup, which uses football (soccer) as the entry point to help more than 50,000 people annually get back on their feet; Grassroots Soccer/Nike(RED), raise awareness and funds thru community-based football programs designed to educate youth about HIV/AIDS; Magic Bus, trained volunteer coaches in local villages throughout the country of India enabling them to reach hundreds of thousands more children through organized sports; Let Me Play, China-based initiative has connected with children of migrant workers in 11 Chinese cities to promote teamwork, confidence, gender equity and social integration through sport; and Student Run LA, which has operated a running and mentoring program that coaches students to run a marathon, while also providing the support they need to graduate from high school (Nike Responsibility, Scaling Power of sport, 2011).

Technology Being the world’s leading designer and maker of athletic apparel and footwear, Nike continues to win over these “lifestyle” consumers as well as sports professionals through innovation and