Nike Ethos Pathos Logo Analysis

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What football player doesn't want a pair of Nike football cleats? Athletes look deep into their product before they purchase it. Nike was first established on January 25,1964(Lara O’Reilly). Nike started making cleats in the late 1900’s. Nike has a huge variety of cleats to choose from with different styles and different colors.Due to Nike having such a big variety of cleats and styles to choose from Nike draws in the attention of many pro Athletes to buy their cleats. Through detailed research about Nike, it appears that out of logos,pathos and ethos pathos is the most effective way to market Nike’s intended audience.
Logos,pathos and ethos are persuasive methods used to sell football cleats by Nike. Therefor, the black and gold vapor untouchable cleat commercial uses logos by providing facts. In this ad, it shows a new cleat with new enhanced stud grips. The fact proves that Nike used a more advanced type of stud grips so the cleat has better traction on the field. Additionally, the spot
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First, Nike most likely includes facts about the materials used for their cleats. Out of the ten ads reviewed five of them were logos. Next, the ads that used logos commonly target football players who like a good-quality pair of cleats. Football players like logos because the facts prove the quality of the cleat tends to be good. Due to the fact based ads, Nike appears to a variety of football players. Nike's most effective way marketing to their intended audience is through logos even though Nike uses pathos and ethos as well. First, the black and gold vapor untouchable cleat uses logos by providing facts about the product. Next, the spotlights make the pathos pop out on the Nike cleat. After that, Nike uses the pro football players in the ethos commercial to sell its product. Finally, after seeing the Nike advertisement what football player doesn't want a pair of Nike football