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Shakeel Mcclary
Comm 204 Media literacy
Professor Goldstein NIKE “JUST DO IT” Nike is very successful at creating ads that make people buy into their objectives. Nike is a successful American supplier for clothing, athletic equipment, and shoes. American society is obsessed with looking a certain way and Nike plays into these humanistic emotions to sell their products. The Nike swoosh is one of the most recognized symbols and people connect Nike with a healthy and active lifestyle. Nike ads are successful at capturing attention by using appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos as well as other rhetorical elements. This ad is aimed to sale the women Nike shoes or sportswear. This ad is mainly targeting females that want to keep their body in shape. This ad by Nike is very effective in doing exactly what Nike is known for, motivating people to “Just Do It.” The ad immediately captures the attention of the audience. First of all, there is a girl with little clothing on talking about her butt. In this ad the “beautiful people” persuasion technique was used. Her butt is directly in the middle of the ad so most people’s eyes are automatically drawn to it. As soon as you see the ad you notice a pretty girl half naked with Nike sneakers on. The caption at the bottom, “Nikewomen. Com” clearly shows that this is an ad for the audience of women. However, this ad could also capture males attention, but in a different way. Because the picture captures attention, a male would look and then see the Nike brand but a female would understand the message. This is a great example of how the producers were using ethos to appeal to women. A typical female might think, “I want a body like that and if I wear Nike I can have that body.” A male might first have his attention captured by it and then notice the Nike logo. The text is also very powerful because the woman’s words are strong and confident. Many ads that involve exercise have women with tiny butts and people can connect to