Nike Interview Essay

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Selina Palmer
November 5, 2014
MKTG 305
Professor Assumma The article I found on Nike discusses how Nike uses the four p’s of the marketing mix. Nike sells their products in multi-brand stores to keep their costs low. It helps make their advertising stronger because even stores like Kohl’s carry the Nike brand. Nike also has its exclusive stores around the globe. Internationally, Nike goes through independent distributors to sell its products.
The Nike store at Ontario Mills Mall carries certain products based on its location. I actually learned this based off a past assignment to interview a Nike store manager. The person I interviewed was named Carlos. He mentioned Jordans sell better at that particular store than the Nike in L.A. because the L.A. store is more of a tourist attraction. The store also has a greater section for training that is double the size of running apparel. It focuses mostly on training compared with other Nike stores due to its location. Employees are taught to try to get to know the customer’s name and be more personal with their customers, get to know the family if they have come in more than once whereas the store in L.A a lot of people only come in once since it is visited by mostly tourists. He also mentioned it is not policy for employees to do surveys about customers. Products are placed in the store based off new trends and what customer’s usually purchase.
I think Nike devotes a lot of their resources and time to understanding the lifestyle of the community the company wants to appeal to. It is really impressive the amount of work the company devotes to finding out what the consumer wants and placing its products accordingly. I wanted to use this example because I learned how a store’s location can dictate what people buy, the type of social class they are from and how these aspects affect what a person purchases. All of this causes the store to gear their products to the people they are selling to and to the city these people are from. I remember the manager saying there were more golfers who came in asking for golfing equipment because they play around the area. Nike takes into account the sports