Feasibility Of An Event

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Feasibility and brief
My group and I have been asked to organise an event which is based in the school premises. The event will consist of taking a group of ten students to a university as a day trip. The outline of this event will be visiting one out of the four universities we have researched, to have a tour around and probably a lecture on either higher education or student finances. Whilst organising this event, my group and myself will need to think about the feasibility of the event. However to do this my group and I will need to be capable of researching on potential universities, look at the primary and secondary research in order to decide and establish the best possible outcome for the event. We must choose the respectable university we have been researching and agree which university we are all happy with, since we are four members we research four universities, each of us picked a university and researched on it. In addition to find out the best university, we as a group will be using our target market which will be the sixth form students, in order to base their views on the university plus the result of the trip.
I will research my event carefully since creating an event can be a high risk because if the event went wrong, my whole group would fail the task therefore planning out the strategy of the event will help me and my group to get it right first time round.
I will seek help and advice, from my business teachers since they have better experience and have already created events in the past years, so getting help and advice will give us more information and knowledge on setting up the event.
However I will try and not get carried away and will remember to stay on task, since this event needs me to be to be on task all throughout the event also to be fully evaluated.
If I am planning the whole event much time and effort will be significantly involved, research, planning and implementation have to be covered through carefully. Even the smallest discussion group we will be carrying out must and needs to be run efficiently in order to secure a positive outcome.
In order for the event to be successful, myself and my group will each be given a task and make sure the tasks we have been asked to carry out are completed also to pick the team leader, for the reason that when we hold meetings the team leader writes all notes and sets tasks for us to do - for example the team leader may ask one of us to write out a questionnaire.
As a group we must bear in mind, the weather, timing, conditions and day of the week. Also if possible ask the University to book us a suitable date and time, as it normally does get dark after 5pm this could spoil our event trip, therefore we must over think these situations.
Nevertheless, I will have to prepare a risk assessment for the event. The reason for this is because a risk assessment is an organised method of bearing in mind what could go wrong in the event plus deciding on appropriate control measures in order to avoid loss, damage or injury on the trip. This is because risk assessments are an important requirement for the event. If I and my group have no idea or appreciate what risks there are, we are putting ourselves and the students in danger.

Brunel University
Brunel University is an advanced British education institution located in Uxbridge, west London, England. Brunel University is counted as one of the best leading universities in London. All students at the university are optimistic to undertake practical placements plus projects as an integral part of their courses also have access to specialist laboratories, for example, electronic imaging, bioprocessing and experimental techniques, as well as academic archives in cult film and contemporary writing.
This will help many sixth form students as the university offers many choices, also its known as one of the top universities, many sixth formers will benefit from the