Nike: Marketing and Females Essay

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We compared how males and females viewed the price of Nike and its competitors. What we found in both cases is that both males and females thought that Nike was more expensive than its competitors. We determined that there is not a significant difference between the way that males and females thought of the prices. Even though we did not find a significant difference we still found that females thought that the price was slightly lower in both cases. The theory that we have to explain this finding is that there is a cultural trend for females to be obsessed with shoes and how many that they can buy. We believe that this obsession is what is leading females to think that the price of shoes in general is always going to be lower than what males think. We believe that if we expanded our survey to more people with a 50/50 split between the sexes we would find a more significant finding.

We next compared how males and females felt about the advertising of Nike and its main competitor of Under Armor. What we discovered is that both males and females felt that Nike’s advertising was more affective at reaching them and that it was more interesting. While we saw that the trend towards Nike was apparent in both sexes we saw that it was much more pronounced in females then males. Females found Under Armors advertisements less appealing than males and Nikes advertisements more appealing than males; they have significant difference. We came up with the theory that