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Francis Torres COM 315 Media Analysis 9/21/14
“Nike Pro Apparel for Warriors”
Six athletes are shown to the viewer. Albert Puljos, Mariano Rivera and Tori Hunter represent baseball while Ben Roethlisberger, Brian Urlacher and LaDainian Tomlinson represent football. All athletes are shown to the viewer in a dark battle like setting while motionless. The music is slow but heightens as the athletes begin to put on their Nike Pro Apparel gear. With every motion of the athlete, the music intensifies. As they begin to perform they transcend their human form and become “warriors”, each being represented by the mask they wear. The masks that are worn by each athlete represent their strength. Albert’s mask is made of wood, Mariano’s is a metal device that follows the motion of a scorpion, Tori’s mask represents a venus flytrap, Ben wears a knights helmet, Brian has a barbed wire trap on his head and is then followed by a video of a wrecking ball slamming against a building and LaDainian wears a helmet that represents a gazelle. The commercial then comes to an end with big bold letters “Nike Pro Apparel”, then a still of LaDainian wearing his mask and states “For Warriors”. This commercial shows that no matter what sport you play, or what your skill set is, wearing Nike Pro Apparel will transform you from nothing into a serious competitor. This could be seen earlier in the commercial when Brian…