Nike: Southern United States and Reconstruction Essay

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Reconstruction Essay Even thought the south did a lot of things to help kill Reconstruction, This doesn’t mean the North didn’t do anything, actually I believe that the Northern’s neglect was a greater problem. As is seen in Document C “Problems and Scandals in the North”. Northern voters grew indifferent to events in the south, they began to turn their backs and focus on other issues. The tide of public opinion began to turn against Reconstruction polices. As we learn in Document D. In 1976 Rutherford B Hayes agreed to remove federal soldiers from the south, he was simply “putting and end to an already dying effort” but how do you know you couldn’t fix what was happening, I feel they just gave up on Reconstitution and eventually let fail. The North had the people in charge, the money, and the army to fix what was happening in the south and save Reconstitution, as seen in Document C. Also in the fall of 1973 Boston Evening Transcript ran a letter saying that blacks are not fit for proper political duties. This is seen in document D. Now do you think you know who’s at fault for the fall of the Reconstruction? At first you probably thought it was the south's fault(Documents A and B) as I did. But I believe just like a bad parent the North let all the problems happen in the south as we see in Documents C and D. That is why I feel the North's neglect contributed more to the death of reconstruction than the southern's resistance. The causes of the end of Reconstruction…