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Nina Cordaro
Mrs. Lock
Honors English 10
3 September 2013
Life Map
June 15, 1998- This is the day it all started. I was born at Shady Grove Hospital in Olney, Maryland. My grandmother tells me stories from the day I was born every now and then, she tells me that I was a beautiful baby, and how I barely cried.
February 14, 2000- My valentines baby sister! This is the day my sister was born. At first I remember not wanting to be an older sister because that involved growing up and maturing faster, but now I am very thankful to have a younger sister. Even though she is younger than me she helps me get through a lot.
2002- My first day at preschool! I went to school in Rockville with my cousin at St. Johns. I learned how to read and write at this school.
April 2, 2004- The day my grandfather passed away. I was only six when he passed away so many people can argue that I didn’t really know him, but he was my best friend. I remember the day he passed like it was yesterday. My father, sister, and I were on our way to the hospital to visit him when my father got and unexpected call from my mother saying we were too late. When arriving at the hospital I remember seeing my mother down on both knees trying to talk to him. Losing your best friend isn’t easy.
2008- The year we got our first family dog! Sunny has had a positive change on everyone in my family’s life. He has brought us closer, and he has also brought us to do more family activities. I learned that family time is more important than spending time with friends.
2008- My first Communion! This was a very important day in my life because it was proving my faith to my family and my religion. While getting ready for my first communion I learned many new things, such as respecting yourself and others.
2011- When I lived in Florida for the summer! When I was around 6 years old my grandparents on my father’s side moved to Florida so we didn’t see them that often. The summer of 2011 my two cousins, my sister, and I took a plane to Florida by ourselves and stayed for two months. On our visit I learned many new things such as, how to be responsible, handle money, and also how to be more independent.
October 15, 2012- The day my Father was in a motorcycle accident. My mother, sister, and I were at my grandmother’s house when my mother got a call from a hospital in Baltimore saying my father