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Nine Lives 2 Faces
A cat that died of cancer in December
Had 2 faces
Lived until the age of fifteen
Known as Janus cats
Actual names were Frank and Louie

A Crappy Bus Ride
A bus in England that runs on poop
Emits 30 percent less carbon dioxide than diesel
Named the bio bus

R Txts Kllng Ur Back
Smart phones only weigh a few ounces
They van add weight to your spine
As pressure builds over the years it can lead to spine damage
This was discovered by Kenneth Hansraj
Says that as soon as you start bending down stand straight up to ease the load

It’s a Crowded World after All2
World population will grow to 11 billion by 2100
Most of the growth will come from Africa
2 Billion higher than earlier estimates I think 11 billion people will pose certain challenges to the world, such as, more homeless people, more people losing jobs, and more disease’s. Although I do think it could help the world, in many more ways. For example there will be more scientists, to invent, engineers to build, and doctors to heal. There will also be more police officers and firefighters to help keep people safe.

Unmasking Tut
King Tut seemed hansom and good looking, but scientist ‘did a study and found out that he was quite unattractive.
Researchers were able to make a virtual reconstruction of King Tut.
He had ruled from 1333 B.C. to 1323 B.C.
He had health problems, a bone disease, buck teeth, and a club foot.

Instant Fame
Alex Lee is a 16 year old boy who works at SuperTarget. He became famous on social media after a girl posted a picture of him on twitter.
He was flown to Los Angeles to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show.
Alex has been offered advertising deals and sponsorships.
He has 730,000 followers on twitter, and 2.1 million followers on Instagram.
According to google the term Alex From Target was googled more than Justin Bieber in a few weeks after he became famous.
Others have tried to gain popularity off of Alex’s fame.
Alex has gained so much fame that his life has been threatened, and his family’s personal information was leaked onto the internet.

Is Torture Ever Justified?
Gul Rahman was a prisoner in 2002 at a secret American detention site in Afghanistan.
He was beaten and shackled and eventually died.
The 6,000-page senate intelligence committee report concludes that the C.I.A has brutal methods and that they are less effective than the agency claimed.
According to the report, these methods included depriving detainees of sleep for up to a week.
Subjecting them to procedures such as rectal rehydration.
More prisoners were subjected to water boarding than the 3 people the C.I.A has acknowledged in the past.
President Obama has praised the employees of the C.I.A, and referred to them as patriots who were protecting their country.
Dick Cheney was closely involved in