Nineteen Eighty-four and Love Essay

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Love is a marvelous and powerful emotion, because it not only comforts people’s feelings, but can also motivate people do great things, such as a grand revolution. Winston rapidly falls in with love with the girl who gave him the piece of paper, Julia.
He rents a secret apartment to keep their relationship. However, Winston realizes,(145)
Winston figures that it is a stupid decision right after he rents the apartment because he will definitely be caught one day. Nevertheless, the attraction of love has surpassed all the other facts, including the press from Party.
Love has an overwhelming power which even enables a person like Winston to go against
“the meaning of his life”, preserving Party.

Winston gradually becomes addicted to the feeling of love. He has had an opinion to rebel and overthrow Party for keeping his love. One day, he meets
O’Brien, who is an inside Party member.
However, through the conversation with O’Brien,
Winston regards him as a member of some organisation working against the Party.
And Winston is invited to go to O’Brien’s house.
When Winston reaches the house, he says to O’Brien:
Winston tells O’Brien that he can do everything as long as Party can be overthrown. At this point,
Winston’s respond reflects that he is firmly against Party, and most of his motivation to do this is from his love to Julia, because he wants to have rights to love someone. Winston is no longer a coward; his idea surprises everyone, even the Party. And all these surprises come down to one word, love. It is love changes him to be so brave; it is love mentally revives him; and it is love makes up his mind to start the revolution.

Love can feed human’s souls. However, love is like a knife that either serves people or cuts people. When one’s love is eliminated, one is as good as dead because souls cannot be fed. Therefore, the desire of a revolution completely vanishes because of the disappearance of love.
In the end of the novel, Winston experiences the most horrible torture in the world.
Eventually, his love is defeated by the mental torment. Love is forever…