Nineteen Eighty-four and Summary Winston Smith Essay

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Chapter 1-3 Summary Winston Smith a thirty-nine year old had a lot going on his mind on every encounter with a human being. Fear that this person on contact could be the thought police, no way of knowing that you be watched at any given moment. Winston was a very nervous person because of the thought police. In his journey through the city, in the view of vista in London there were towering builds that were similar as mansion that were homes of the Ministry. There are four homes for the Ministry and they were represented by Peace, Love Plenty and Truth. A pyramidal structure that could be seen from a distance was the three slogans; WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. Winston came across a few items like victory Gin and Cigarettes but a book he bought for $2.50 became an obsession of the mind speaking freely with the each stork of the pen. That book was a blank book that became Winston’s diary. As Winston start writing in to his diary about the war films having laughter because the audience were all amused by a fat man trying to swim away while a helicopter was chasing him. Different war images were transpired during this film and a woman form the far distance shouting “this is not right” not for young kids and no one knew what happen to that lady. Winston can across a bold looking girl that was twenty-seven, in Winston mind he nearly disliked all woman. Mainly in the mind of Winston that he had a dislike due to that the woman were all young and pretty and he had desires for them all. He had a fear that the twenty-seven year old was the Thought Police. Once Winston had a moment he wrote in his diary in large neat capitals letters--- DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER. He suddenly felt panic of the Thought crime. Heart beating like a drum once a knock was at the door, only to be in need of Mrs. Parson his neighbor that need help unclogging the sink.…