Essay on Nini: Hidalgo County, Texas and Tyler

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There is a lot of benefits in living in a big city than living in a smaller city However, there are a lot of differences, such as the environment, the cost and the entertainment. The first difference between the two cities is that the have different environment. First, the atmosphere in Tyler, TX is a lot greener and fresher with trees such as: water oak, cherry bark oak, nutall oak, black hickory, bitternut hickory, black tupelo, and a lot more. The annual rainfall ranges from thirty two to fifty inches per year. While McAllen, TX has a hot dry weather and has different types of trees such as: honey mesquite, huisache, blackbrush, guajillo, cenizo, Texas mountain laurel, and Spanish dagger. The annual rainfall is about twenty-three inches per year. Secondly, Tyler, TX is more quite has a cleaner climate while McAllen, TX is noisier and they have more pollution due to more traffic. The second difference is the cost. The cost of leaving in Tyler, TX is a lot pricier than it is McAllen, TX. Foods, gas, medical and housing are expensive. Since Tyler, TX is a smaller city they do not have a variety of groceries stores, the only stores that they have is Wal-Mart and Super 1. McAllen, TX has more variety of groceries stores such as Wal-Mart, HEB, HEB Fresh, La Michoacana and local meat markets. the cost of gas is higher in Tyler, TX because the gas refinery is far apart. Therefore McAllen, TX has cheaper gas prices because the Valero refinery is in Three Rivers, TX that is about Three hours away. The cost of medical in Tyler, TX is pricier because you only have two options hospital, clinics. While McAllen, TX has Mexico as a border so it makes it cheaper to go to the doctor over their instead of having to go to the hospital or a clinic. So, people who live in Tyler, TX are under more pressure, working hard to pay the cost of living than it is to live in McAllen, TX. Another difference is entertainment. The life in Tyler, TX is very simple is a dry county so they do not sell alcohol so you have to drive thirty minutes away to buy it. There is not much to do besides going to the movies, three nightclubs, one shopping mall, couple of restaurants, one bowling alley, and two lakes. The cities around Tyler, TX are smaller pretty much you have to drive through county roads to get to the other cities such as Longview, TX, Kilgore, TX, and Palestine, TX where you see nothing but ranches. On the other hand McAllen, TX is a lot bigger