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Donovan Brown
The Uses and Abuses of Feng Shui
1. I believe that Feng Shui is more of a superstition than it is a legitimate thing. It sort of seems to be an idea of why bad things or good things happen in ancient times. For example people use to make stories about monsters or dragons, to explain things that didn't make sense. Feng Shui seems like that it is similar to these types of stories, which basically aren't real. Feng Shui was probably a way for people to explain why having certain materials together (earth/wood/fire/water/metal) would give you good fortune or something, and if you had it in a way where it didn't work out you would get bad fortune. I may not believe this, but some Chinese people possibly believe in it, and if it has affected them positively than it must some how be working for them.
2. Some strengths is that it shows why different materials would benefit you, and it sort of gives the people a choice of how they want to live. You can either choose good fortune and life or bad fortune. The idea overall though seems kind of unnecessary and unreasonable. To me it seems like more of hassle then a help, but to some Chinese it is something that is very important in their culture so the idea is great for them.
3. I'm not sure what culture my ancestors were exactly, but there could definitely be something similar to Feng Shui that my ancestors practiced. Many people in older times created these ideas on how to live and get good fortune, because it can…