Nintendo Wii Marketing Plan Nintendo Wii's Marketing Plan Essay

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Nintendo Wii

Marketing plan

Table of Content 1. Situation analysis 1.1 Macro analysis 1.2 Micro analysis 1.3 SWOT analysis 1.4 Bowman’s strategy clock 1.5 The Product Life Cycle 2. Target Market 2.1 Positioning 2.2 Segmentation 3. Marketing Mix 3.1 Product 3.2 Price 3.3 Promotion 3.4 Place 3.5 People 3.6 Physical 3.7 Process

Situation analysis

1.1. Macro environment

The PESTEL analysis describes a framework of macro-environmental factors. It is a useful strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations.

1.2.1. Political

The video game industry is influenced by factors
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Nintendo is able to maintain a low price in hardware.

1.3. SWOT Analysis

| Strengths * Price * Nintendo brand * Social gameplay * Wide audience, for all ages * Low manufacturing cost * Nintendo’s experience in the video game industry | Weaknesses * Poor online gaming * Graphics * Frustrating menu navigation * Lack to major game titles (GTA, CoD) * Not for the real gamer (kid’s toy) * Issues with 3th party companies * Produced too few Wii’s initially | Opportunities * Health-conscious consumers * Relationships with third party game producers * Smartphone/tablets (multiple gaming platforms) * Sell more Wii units * Online gaming | SO analysis * Price advantage * In the gaming business since 1983: customer loyalty and brand awareness * Currently Wii have only a small party of the online gaming * Skilled employees * Encourage gaming with low price | WO analysis * Due to lower pricing strategy, the threat of switching cost is lower * More innovation * In house training for staff (better R&D) * Broaden focus, more complementing products/accessories | Threats * Motion controller available to anyone * Lower prices * Poor economy * Loss on sell-price of the Wii * Disruptive innovation (social media gaming, tablets, etc.) | ST * Low pricing, but slow innovation * Single product focus (console + games), lack of diversification * No out of the box thinking | WT *