Nissan Electronic Car. Case Analysis Essay example

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1. Explain Nissans strategy in EVs including the Alliance?

EVs, the electronic vehicle that Nissan brought to the market. This kind of vehicle can use electric energy instead of gas as the power of engine. It is a special new technology which is energy saving. The main strategies include business strategy, global strategy and corporate strategy includeing the alliance.

Nissan's business strategy of EVs is differentiation. Because of the feature of Nissan's product is different from most of products in other vehicle company. It's a new technology which is all electric
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The main reason cause the high price of EVs is the high price of battery, which is a consumers issues to adopt this new technology. Another issue is the consumer itself. Buyers of EVs and HEVs tended to fall into a very specific category, which is older, high income, hold post- graduate degree and like to be the first to adopt new technology. This specific category of people is not the main part of people in society, which means the range of Nissan's customer is too small. Another issue that consumer has is the ecological problem. People pay more attention to the global environment today. Although electric vehicles were emissions-free, there is still the question of carbon footprint, which is still bad for environment. Finally, several issues is questioning the technology of EVs. "Range anxiety" means the fear that the battery would run out. This is also a problem that consumer have for EVs. A survey of Consumer Electronic Association shows that 71 percent of consumers worries about running out of battery power, and 66 percent are concerned about the lack of charging station.

These consumer issues have some uncertainty for Nissan's EVs. If the narrow demographic of hybrids buyers was extrapolated to EV buyers, EV manufacturers will have a hard time to survive in the market. Hybrids is a kind of mix-power car that can use both electrical power and gas power. It can be considers as