Nitrogen and Nitrogen Rich Fertilizers Essay examples

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There are many different ways to produce nitrogen rich fertilizers. They can be either commercially made, or you can make your own. It is not difficult whatsoever to obtain your own, you only need to be applicable to specific animals. Some animals have Nitrogen rich feces, and some do not, so it is important to research which animals do and do not before preparing your own. Chemically made Nitrogen rich fertilizers are produced by synthesized chemicals such as ammonium or nitrate. Nitrates may be leached from the soil rather quickly, but plants often absorb it before this can occur. Ammonium is slower to leech from the soil, but they are also slower to be absorbed into plants. For these two reasons nitrogen-rich fertilizers combine both nitrates and ammonium. If you would like to make your own, it is certainly easily obtained. You can use many different “bases” but some may be harder to break down than others. Grass clippings are a good base to start with, but due to the amount of time needed to break down, most gardeners will start a compost pile. From your compost pile you will start a fertilizer able to be used, but to make it more Nitrogen Rich, one of the easiest ways to enrich it, is to add Rabbit feces. It is extremely Nitrogen Enriched. Environmentalists are not in favor of most synthesized chemically made fertilizers. They may help the plants grow, but have the opposite effect on the soil. The unnaturally high levels of nutrients that some chemical…