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On Thursday, March 31, Will Weber and Ellen Wilshire were elected president and vice president of Student Government Association here at Northern Kentucky University. Students were able to vote all day Wednesday, March 30, and Thursday, March 31. The results were released at 10:30 p.m. with Will and Ellen having 291 votes, 73 votes ahead of the competition.

With so much hard work put into the campaign, nothing was a small deal. Ellen studies graphic design here at NKU and took on the role of being the campaign’s graphic designer, making the T-shirt design for the campaign.

“Something as tiny as the T-shirt design was of the utmost importance to Will and Patrick,” Ellen said, “we spent a lot of time perfecting our campaign and doing research
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With many people sharing their Facebook page, the two were known all over campus. Several of their supporters made videos, Facebook posts, and updated their profile pictures.

Another focal point of the campaign was their slogan. With a slogan like “A New Day for SGA,” you could anticipate that the two have big plans for their term. Patrick Reagan, the campaign manager, came up with this phrase. The team wanted something that would be fun, bold, and catchy, while embodying their bright and new ideas.

While the pair have many great ideas, their main goal right now is to mend SGA internally, making sure that everyone is working as a team and functioning well together.

“We feel as though we cannot properly serve NKU until we all learn how to be comfortable with one another and properly work together,” said Ellen.

In their campaign, the two also mentioned the idea of sitting in on organization’s meetings and revamping the SGA liaison program. Student organizations, Greek Life, LGBTQ Programs and Services, African American Programs and Services, and Latino Programs and Services are just a few of the groups on campus that they would like to include in this program. They want to give students and organizations the opportunity to bring their problems forward, helping to make the campus better. Their main concern is that there will be little student involvement because students do not know how much power SGA