NM horse slaughtering Essay

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Roswell, New Mexico is not only known for its famous U.F.O crash site and museum, but is on its way to being recognized as the first town in the nation, after six years of being banned, to re-incite the handling and slaughter of horses. It has been a controversial topic, but the actions of Tim Sappington, a contractor of Valley Meat Co., has made it a moral dilemma. Tim Sappington shot a horse on camera and mocked animal activist groups. Tim's stated his position on the matter with his display. Gaining much flak for Valley Meat Co. from animal activists and animal humanist groups. Despite Tim's actions, Valley Meat Co. is desperately trying to get approval from the state of New Mexico to allow them to process horse meat. In 2006, Congress cut off funding of horse slaughter and later the Obama Administration ceased funding for inspection of facilities preparing for horse slaughter, effectively ending horse slaughter in the U.S. Horse slaughter supporters have argued that since funding and approval for these facilities has ended, export to other countries for slaughter has tripled in places such as Canada and Mexico, where horse slaughter is legal. Groups such as animal activists, horse rescues, farmers, animal humanists and Indian tribes are in great opposition to the approval of such facilities. Believing that these facilities would go against the way of life of a New Mexicans. Activist groups have been trying to ban the export of horses to other countries for slaughter.

The debate between horse slaughter supporters and animal activists is whether or not horses are to be considered livestock or pets and what affect this would have on the population of horses. Groups for the slaughter of horses argue that abuse and abandonment of horses has increased in 2006 and believe it would be a better option to slaughter them rather than allow abuse to take place. That it would be the humane thing to do. Secretary Tom Vilsack believes slaughtering horses would control the population and prevent over-crowding. Animal activists believe it to be inhumane to allow senseless slaughter of creatures that have aided and co-existed with humans for centuries. Valley Meat Co. sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture just last year saying that the application they had placed was being hindered by “emotional political debates”. On April 13, 2012 owner of Valley meat Co., Rick De Los Santos, filed an application with the U.S Department of Agriculture to inspect the 7,300 square foot facility located outside of Roswell in preparation of horse slaughter. Secretary Tom Vilsack mentioned that the Company has been fighting for the permit for more than a year and believes they'll have permission soon. In an interview Vilsack said, “We are going to do this, and I would imagine it would be done relatively soon”. Vilsack continues, “It will open unless Congress restores the ban…