Values And Goals Paper

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Values and Goals Paper
This is the last major paper in the class, and it is designed to tie together and help you apply the information you learned in the ACT portion of the course. Please start early, as it will be best if you have the ACT information fresh in your mind. Additionally, although chapter 13 of the ACT book and the final audio file were not required for the course, it may be beneficial to skim over that material when preparing your paper. The requirements for this paper are adapted directly from chapter 13, and you can find more detailed help on each section of the paper in that chapter.
Please format your paper with the following BOLD subheading. Do not include the instructions in your paper:
Part I. (25 points)
Goal Setting
''To live a valued life is to act in the service of what you value''. This is sentence from the book really stock in my mind, and it does make a lot of sense because for me what I really value the most is my family and the one I love. One of my short goals that I had in my life that I recently accomplished was to propose to my girl friend, which I did and we are happily married right now, another short goal we have is to have a baby which is a decision that need thinking and time, while one of my main long goal is to keep my family happy that will require every day work.
Ask Yourself the Following Questions
These next questions can be one word answers. Note: Include the next four questions in your paper.
-Is it practical?
Yes It is and it require a lot of work to keep family from becoming divided which is something I wouldn't like to happen
-Is it obtainable? it will depends. It can be obtainable if I really value my new family (wife) and would keep strong and that will achieve my goal of becoming a happy family that stay together, but if I for some reason stopped valuing my family then my goal would not be obtainable. Since divorce statistics are really high, my only fear of losing my goal is to stop valuing.
-Does it work with your current situation?
Yes. My wife and I are currently happy which will make us think of achieving the first short goal
-Does this goal lead you in the direction of your stated value?
It will lead me to it, but it will take time for me to see if I did accomplish my long term goal
Part II. (25 points)
Focus in on one of the specific actions you wrote down above that you could do today, and choose one that you have some psychological resistance toward doing (in other words, something you are avoiding). Write and describe that action here. 2 to 3 sentences If you were to do this right now, what would you expect to encounter psychologically that would slow you down?
Fear of Change. Change is uncomfortable. Just thinking about change provokes a physiological reaction. We’ve evolved a psychological barrier to change, change might mean the possibility of dying or the lost of someone from the family.
Fear of Failure. Not everyone can accept failure. We have a culture that worships winners (while casually ignoring how many times they failed before they succeeded).
Behavior. Is a result of what I may do or not do. Part III. (25 points)
Conclusions and Reactions
There are a lot of things that I learned from this class mostly I now know more about what is ACT and how to deal with things, the things I can describe that I learned will be I firstly understood more about human suffering and why language leads to suffering, I did learn more about acceptance and wiliness, more importantly that I learned from this