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Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005, bringing death, destruction and despair. Entire neighborhoods were wiped out, about 80 percent of the city was underwater and 1,800 people were killed. The signs were there for the government to help. In which they ignored and didn’t help their citizen who where under privilege. In other words where broke. All the wealthy people where flown out the city. Hurricane Katrina really did not destroy New Orleans. The levee system they had failed them in which put 80 percent under water. New Orleans' levees failed during Hurricane Katrina because federal engineers for decades did not anticipate the potential height of storm waters and underestimated the strength required to hold them back. In 1927 Unusually high amounts of rainfall across the Mississippi River valley triggered the great flood of 1927. As the river swelled to record levels, New Orleans city politicians ordered the destruction of the Caernarvon levee to avoid catastrophic flooding in the city. Some of the deaths that we can’t hold the government at fault because some citizens refuse to leave. Not wanting to leave the place they called home which was New Orleans. The president at the time which was Geroge W. Bush Jr. did not respond to the citizens of New Orleans. It took the president almost 3 weeks to respond to the cry for help in New Orleans if not more. We the people of USA could have done a better to help or maybe prevent the 1800 to 2000 people that lost their lives. After the face that the president did such a crappy job in dealing with the destruction, the after affect was just unbearable. Red Cross and FEMA didn’t do a good job in coming to the aid of our people. As a parent, me as a man I stand to tell you it just tore me up inside for me to hear the deaths of children. For the families who did survive the flood it shook me up to see the families with infants and toddlers not having what they need. Being tax paying citizens of this democracy in which is the United States of America, I feel that this place is a dictatorship. All those people didn’t have to die like that. The people was not able to get the essentials to survive doing the after math such as food and water. The essentials. Seeing bodies laid out, floating in the water was just heart breaking. People dying from heat exhaustion, no medication, people who depended on oxygen tanks. Since majority of the city was covered by water, why not help in trying to secure