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No Bull, Just Bullies ™

Speech Topic: Bulldog breeds (American, English and French)

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the three most known and popular breeds of Bulldog and basic information between the three.

Central Idea: To inform my audience about the basic information of American, English and French bulldogs.


A. Attention Getter: “Many millennia ago, humans took in a few primitive wolves and made them man's best friend. Or so the story goes,” stated by Elizabeth Pennisi.

B. Reveal Topic: Well man’s best friend ranges in many species and I have chosen to share the breed of Bulldog and the three variations of the breed; American, English and French.

C. Establish Credibility: My credibility comes from owning two English bulldogs, being a lover of the breed and researching further into the three breed variations.

D. Introduce Main Points:
1) Origin of Bulldogs
2) American bulldog
3) English bulldog
4) French bulldog


A. Main Points One: Bulldogs originated from England and came from large cattle dogs, stated in Charlotte Wilcox’s The Bulldog. Sub point 1-1: Many would say bulldogs are aggressive or forceful but that is in the past. Detail 1: Bulldogs were bred to fight bulls and other animals, causing there to be a stigma against them. Detail 2: Bulldogs are no longer used to fight bulls or other animals because it is seen as unsafe and cruel. Sub point 1-2: Today’s Bulldogs are very mild tempered and loveable creatures. Detail 1: Many people do not understand how such calm and adorable animals could have come from fighters. Detail 2: Modern bulldogs have come from friendly bulldogs, meaning that people did not breed the “dangerous” bulldogs, only the “friendly” ones.

TRANSITION: Now that I have given you a bit of basic information about the Bulldog breed as a whole, I will go into a bit more detail on the three breeds; American, English and French bulldogs.

B. Main Points Two: American bulldogs are not your average looking bulldog. Sub point 2-1: American bulldogs are of the height of Boxers and even Labs, with muscular and sturdy frames. Detail 1: They can also be powerful and with compact frames that remain higher on their legs. Detail 2: American bulldogs have normal or longer tails and are swifter and more agile than their English and French cousins. Sub point 2-2: The American bulldog is just like any other dog, a man’s best friend.
Detail 1: Their temperament is very loyal, reliable and they are determined dogs. Detail 2: American bulldogs show favoritism and heroism towards their masters and are not hostile dogs, making them great for children.

TRANSITION: The next Bulldog breed that I will cover is my favorite, the English bulldog.

C. Main Point Three: English bulldogs are the most know bulldog breed. Sub point 3-1: English bulldogs are the typical