No Child Left Behind Research Paper

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The No Child Left Behind Act
Alexis Cross
His 324
Dr. Stephan Law
February 20, 2010

No Child Left Behind

Outline: 1. Introduction a. What I will be writing about b. Why I chose my topic c. What will be covered 2. The NCLB Act d. How it came to be e. What was proposed f. How it has been enacted 3. The NCLB Act g. Arguments in favor of h. Arguments against 4. Statistics i. How the NCLB Act has had a positive impact on education j. How the NCLB Act has had a negative impact on education 5. Proposal k. Proposals from different resources on how to change the NCLB Act l. The implications of such change m. What is currently
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With this these authors are pointing out there was nothing being done for the at-risk students and the NCLD is doing something about it. Other arguments in favor of the NCLB act include that the people like to know that there is a better quality of education given to the
No Child Left Behind Act students and that if a schools cannot provide a good quality of education, there is the option to attend a school that meets those needs. The better quality is showing progress on the focus of the NCLB, by closing the educational the gap. The NCLB calls for more parental involvement with their child’s education. This act takes into consideration on how the parents feel about their child’s education. Parents have more of a choice on where to send their children to school. The greatest thing about the NCLB act is the funding that it provides to the schools to make sure that every child’s has the means necessary to have a good education. With everything proposed by the NCLB Act, it is hard to believe that there are critics who oppose the act.
Arguments against Some people do not agree with the NCLB act because it can be manipulated. Teachers tend to focus their teachings on the tests and some schools try to exclude