No Exit Comparitive Paper

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No Exit Comparative Paper
In the play, “No Exit” by Jean-Paul Sartre there are vast types of themes in relation with existentialism. In the play it proves to be that the indefinite truth of the innate need to gain recognition and reinforcement exist in many areas such as it is+ incorporated in the play. When dealing with the situation it can undoubtedly lead to the destruction of not only relationships amongst others but also the ultimate destruction of self and all of society as a whole. As explained “hell is other people “and that the want and the desire to be acknowledged and loved along with the overall positive acknowledgement of others can lead to demise of man “Life can be magnificent and overwhelming-that is the whole tragedy. Without, love, beauty or danger it would almost be easy to live” (Albert Camus).The play reveals the inner self of two of the main characters, both Inez and Estelle. While the three are situated in what is hell, they all find out the main reason at why they were put there. The three charters in the play all brought together in one room pose some sort of threat towards one another. In this never ending cycle of aggression the three characters are put in one specific area so each prey on each other as a form of punishment in hell. In the play of self-deception and bad faith Inez and Estelle both show that they are in sense nothing but just pretending to be something they are not and that in turn leads to their demise through the want of attention and knowing. The play goes to show that even wanting to be known can get the better of you in terms of the situation that they three are seated in. In the play Garcin is not able to exit the room when he opens the door. He was not able to handle the pressure put upon him about him having to flee his country, he then relies on Inez to judge him and define his true self, showing that Garcin can only feel meaning when he is critiqued by others. Following the need to be wanted Estelle was worried and astonished as to why there were no mirrors in hell. Estelle experienced for a moment forlornness where she feels that there is only the three of them in hell and that nonce con truly make sense of her existence. Estelle had to rely on the judgment of others to determine whether or not she felt confident about her outer appearance. Inez voluntarily acts as a mirror for Estelle and in this Inez points out that Estelle has a pimple on her face, due to Estelle’s