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Jada Harden

Many people feel that television and movie violence have a negative effect on society. I agree with the situation. A child psychologist Dr. Debra Kowalski, says, “ with children having so much exposure to the media the messages that come across… are very important and they shape how a child sees the world and what a child sees as important…” (2011/04 Child Aggressive and Violent Movies: Is there a connection?) A lot of the messages related to violence and sexuality can negatively impact a child. Violence is literally everywhere in the media. It’s in video games, movies, books, music video, cartoons, the nightly news, on the web, and even in commercials. Past research estimates that about 90% of movies, 68% of video games, 60% of T.V shows, and 15% of music videos include some depictions of violence.
Children copy what they see and hear. Call of Duty Black Ops, which is purely a killing game, is something that most children are exposed to daily. When asked, many children say that they imitate this game when they play with friends. Watching violence can also leave children fearful or make them less sensitive to real violence and its consequences. When children see the actors on TV and see them with a gun, they will want one to or make their own gun out of toys, paper, anything.
With toddlers and preschool aged children watching violence on TV, they can get nightmares or get scared or they can have problems falling asleep. Age seven or eight is a turning point. They start to laugh at the slapstick violence because it happening in a way that never that could never in real life.
Sure some parents would love to sit down with their children to watch TV but they cant because some of them are busy that why you