No Furture for Humanity Essay

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The Future of Humanity
By: Jason Lee

We live in a world where we have many different types of life. One that is exponentially grown within the past century is humanity. This type of life consists of many different aspects because of the universal expectation put on life forms. Once again, this complicated process of expectation is exclusive to humanity. It is said that one of the most influential forces in the development of humanity is religion. Religion has caused humans to find peace with themselves and others, but also have been known to disrupt the peace as well. The way religion achieves these results is by having control. To control something, is to be able to alter its state without consent or a rebuttal. Religion does this in a very intellectual way. Religions reassure that the individual is the one with the control, but the way they should use that control should be limited and/or confined. When this type of deception occurs, people become blind and are unable to reach their true potential. Of course, this type of deception is passed on to the next generations until stopped. Parents and religious organizations brainwash children who are unaware that they are given the birthright to be free. Since children are unable to analyze information critically, they feel that the only right thing to do is follow the herd. If the world is filled with followers, then who’s left to lead? Only the ones who are smart enough to attain those followers are. Religion is very similar to the way the government systems and politics work, which is why they are so successful. Religion is able to strike fear in the hearts of many, without a way for them to retaliate safely. Religions have taught their followers that if they are with someone who hasn’t followed a similar way-of-life, then their opinion and thoughts shouldn’t account for anything important, or that their ideas are ‘wrong’. Some religions even impose that those who oppose their religion shouldn’t deserve to live to the end of their natural lives. Life’s questions that can’t be answered by an ordinary individual’s mindset seem to be answered by religions across the globe. The masses are unable to think freely, so they attend masses, and participate in classes, that only enforce the fact that their religion is correct. Many people are content with the ideals that religions have to offer, but to impose them on people who are unwilling is wrong. Are people willing to seek what is truly right and wrong, or are they just searching for an easy way out? Many people that follow religions don’t seem to follow the practices that an individual in the religion should. Prayer is an important aspect of staying true to one’s religion, but not many follow this sacred ritual. Communicating with the ultimate power that supposedly gave you and everything around you life and animation should be a significant part of daily routine. Thanking the force that