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No! GMO! The debates over GMO, Genetic Modified Organisms, has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. Relying on its advantages, GMO was as a live-saving straw to human’s future, but after years of deploying it all over the world, it has revealed more and more serious harm. Since then, it has turned out to be an issue of what people should value the most: should we vigorously develop GMOs or stop doing this and come back to nature? For centuries, along with the expansion of population, researchers have been looking for a solution that can eliminate hunger and poverty for good. Whilst the creating GMO, they think they have found it. However, GMO is not as good as what they think. It is dangerous, able to causes serious disease, pollute the environment, and imperil sustainability of human beings. As a results, genetic modified organisms should be banned in the U.S. To better understand the problem of GMO, it is necessary to know why GMO has become a problem not a solution as it first appears. Chasing back, GMO was a star product when it first came out. The original purpose of GMO that scientists and industry leaders claim is to eliminate poverty for good by enhancing bio resistance to increase the yield and it was seemed working. However, year after using GMO, a lot of problems just show up. GMO is some organic matter that has been genetically modified. On this level, everything is unstable and lacks assurance. Therefore, it causes a huge concern: Food Safety. Also, because of large amount of production and lack of regulation in the first place, now, the problem has become global or even more seriously, threat to humankind. It is too large so that even for some country which does not plant GMO has to serve GMO on their table (see fig. 1).

Fig. 1. AGASA, Keisuke. "How Genetically Modified Foods Are Accelerating the Food Crisis |
Consumers Union of Japan." How Genetically Modified Foods Are Accelerating the Food Crisis. Consumers Union of Japan, 16 Oct. 2008. Web. 17 Dec. 2014.
In this chart, it shows over 80% of corps exported to Japan are GM corps. Meanwhile, Japan produces almost 0% of GM corps. However, Japanese is consuming around 70% GM food on their tables. This is how GMO is taking down general public’s lives under an unstable circumstance. Therefore, it has to be banned. First of all, GMO can cause fatal diseases. GMO is unstable and lacks of assurance like drugs. In the very beginning, Genetic Modification is associated with wars, especially WWII. The very first use of it is WMD, weapons of mass destruction. After a long time, people now finally realize there are a lot of uncertainties with GMO, and some of those can caused serious damage to human beings. According to the documentary film The World According to Monsanto, the one of the biggest agriculture and chemical industrial groups, Monsanto, hides a lot of information that they know. For example, before PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl, a kind of GMO that is widely used in electronic circus board) was announced, they already knew the toxicity of it. In an experiment, they put fishes into the PCB polluted Snow Creek. In three and half minutes, all of the fishes were dead. Other than that, it is also Monsanto’s GMO product which causes babies born without eyes (Robin). All the evidence shows that GMO is not only fatal to small organisms buy also to large ones, especially humans. Consequently, it is very dangerous in many aspects. Because of this, it also can contaminate and destroy the environment. Subsequently, GMO will not only harm humans but also the environment. This is different from general meaning of pollution. GMO will contaminate the environment in a way called Genetic Pollution, aka Genetic Contamination. Simply speaking, it is a term for uncontrolled gene flow into wild populations, which means for whatever GMO is close to, it may be able to transform other matter’s genes into a different one in an irreversible way. According to an article of