No More Goodnight Research Paper

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Alexis Gaines
Mrs. Anderson
Composition H
13 October 2011

No More Goodnights

Sometimes twenty-four hours just isn’t enough for a day. It’s hard to get the required eight hours a night when school, work, extra-curricular activities and chores around the house control people’s lives. Everyone wants the luxury of being able to snooze without a care, but average people with demanding jobs and overwhelming schoolwork cannot do such things. No human has the superhero-like ability to juggle twelve things at once while getting to and from point A and point B at super speed, but knowing this, many people still try. Students come into school groggy; wishing they could sink back to their beds and sleep the day away. Not one of those kids would admit that they are miserable because they stayed up late instant messaging their friends on Facebook or chatting on the phone with the “guy of their dreams”, but instead blame the school by saying they were “doing homework” or “helping their parents” when we all know that is a lie. It happens every weekend to the majority of a school, but it’s rare that the kids will blame their lack of sleep on their selves. Because of those late night conversations, the students are lacking the energy to go throughout the day which causes them to not pay attention or even worse, fall asleep in class.

"The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to." (Ernest Hemingway).
On some rare occasions, when a person goes to bed, they just lie there unsure of what to do. They know that at nine o’clock on a school night is an appropriate time to fall asleep but they just can’t. For multiple reasons people lay awake at night due to soreness, excitement or just not being tired enough. It’s possible to want to go to sleep and to be tired but if the body is restless, then sleep isn’t going to come any time soon. A young student can suffer greatly from sleep deprivation. For example, after Shelby gets back from soccer, she feels a throbbing pain in her legs that even a cool and refreshing shower cannot calm down. She lays down in her bed, covers up and places her favorite most comfortable pillow under her head. Everything is perfect and she is ready to nod off until she feels the throbbing in her calves and sits up to massage them. After she feels satisfied with her job she quickly lays back down. One problem, her legs are restless and she cannot fall asleep. She glances at the clock noticing that it’s already 12 a.m. and Shelby has no hopes of getting to sleep anytime soon.

"Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers