No Name Woman Essay

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No-Name Woman’s appearance
In paragraphs 21-29, Kingston gives imaginative descriptions to her aunt’s concern with appearance to paint a picture of how her aunt may have been when she brought shame to the family. Since Kingston could not ask about the No-Name Woman she invents scenarios of her aunt and her forbidden lover. She imagines her aunt mirror-gazing and fixing any flaw about her appearance; this act may have been from being lavished with attention for being the only daughter out of five sons or to attract another man. Kingston paints a vivid image of the society they live in throughout this chapter; it was important to her aunt to maintain her appearance without drawing too much attention to start gossip throughout the village , who would begin to intrude on her personal life. Kingston’s aunt felt the need to keep her belongings a secret, such as her secret comb. Combing hair was considered abnormal to do on a daily basis, unless it was a special occasion to look your best; combing of the hair hexes beginnings. “She dreamed of a lover for the fifteen days of New Year’s, the time for families to exchange visits, money and food. She piled her secret comb. And sure enough she cursed the year: the family, the village, and herself“ the village the No-Name Woman lives in is portrayed as close and just as important and as strict as family. This section would not have the same reaction or understanding of the importance of appearance and how important it is to keep