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My Mount Rushmore Throughout history there are many faces that have shaped our country. Many not as big as others but some have shaped our country so much they had a mountain carved out with their face in it. Those faced would be Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt. If I had a chance to make my own Mount Rushmore the faces I would choose are Nolan Ryan, Eminem, S.E Hinton, and Warren Buffet. All these people have shaped the way I am today one way or another. Nolan Ryan to me is the greatest pitcher to ever step on mound. His attitude on and off the field was nothing less than captain material, and in only his second year in the major leagues he was considered a captain. Nolan recorded seven no hitters, including three perfect games. He was only in the triple A system for one season before being drafted to the New York Mets. During his twenty seven seasons in the MLB he played for four teams, the New York Mets, the Texas Rangers, the Houston Astros, and the California Angels. Nolan Ryan is a role model to me because even after his career he continued to work in the business field. He owns a double A team called the Corpus Christi Hooks, and is part owner a triple A named the Round Rock Express. Rapper Eminem isn’t more or less a role model to me but more of an inspiration. Marshall Mathers better known by his stage name Eminem, is a rapper from Detroit, who grew up in a trailer known as eight mile, which was the title to his blockbuster movie 8 Mile. He grew up without a father and often raps about how he hates him. His music inspires me because he raps about coming up from nothing to making more money in one day than most people do in a month. After listening to his music I started listening to more rap music, and more types of music period. Now I have a profound love for music, not just rap but all types of music ranching from classical to dubstep. Reading was never really a strong suit to me during my elementary years. As I went on