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Assignment: by hamid bakhshi Corporate communication strategy

Before we start finding out how an organization deals with corporate communication its necessary to know what’s a corporate communication, and who does it? Here we take a look at, Michael b. Good man (associate professor and director of the M.A. program) in corporation and organizational communication.
Corporate communication is the total of a corporation’s efforts to communicate effectively and profitability. Obviously the action any particular corporation takes to achieve that goal depend in large part on the character of the organization and its relationship with its suppliers, its community, its employees and its customers.
Corporate communication is more than science, its intellectual foundations and body of knowledge began with the Greeks and Romanism, its theoretical foundation is interdisciplinary, using the method and findings of * Anthropology * Communications * Language and linguistics * Sociology * Management and marketing

Strategic Importance of corporate communication: in a management environment that extols the virtues of decentralization to meet the customer’s needs quickly ,many corporations consolidate their communication. A central group is responsible for communication; it develops, projects, and maintains the corporation’s image and culture. for many organization which operates globally, as well as local and regional ones, the value of a central management structure for communication makes sense.
Corporations communicate through people and the following communication forces need to be considered by individuals and by organizations: * Language and linguistic * Technology and the environment * Social organization * Contesting and face saving * Concept of authority * Body language and nonverbal communication *

British airways
Concept definition example: British airways
British airways is aiming to set new industry standards in customer service and innovation. Deliver the best financial performance and evolve from being an airline to a world travel business with the flexibility to stretch its brand in to new business areas.

To become undisputed leader in world travel by ensuring that BA is the customer’s first choice through the delivery of an unbeatable travel experience.

To be a good neighbour, concerned for the community and the environment’ to provide overall superior service and good value for money in every market segment in which compete’ to excel in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs and compotators activity.

Continuing emphasis on consistent quality of customer service and the delivery to the marketplace of value for money through customer oriented initiatives (on-line booking service, strategic alliances) and to arrange all the elements of our service so that the collectively generate a particular experience’...building trust with our shareholders, employees, customers, neighbours and