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Amanda Yost Bio
Have any of you met anyone famous? Well now you can. This is Amanda she has been in multiple armstring plays sinvce she was ypung blah blah blah
Amanda was born on July 7th 1995 at Torrance Memorial to her parents Edward Yost and Barbara Overlie. Amanda is an only child, unless you count her two dogs Romeo (5) and Rigley (1 ½). Romeo is a Chihuahua mix and Rigley is a golden retriever they both enjoy long walks on the beach and taking naps in the sun. But if you ask Amanda she is an only child. She likes being an only child sometimes because she has more benefits such as her own room and bathroom but she doesn’t like it because it can get lonely and occasionally her parents giver her unwanted attention. When she was a newborn baby her dads dog, Barney bit her. Thankfully she didn’t have to get stitches but her dad was insistent on keeping Barney. When Amanda was one year old her family moved from Redondo Beach to Palos Verdes Amanda’s parents wanted her to have the option of being able to attend higher ranked education. She started her first year of kindergarten at Silver Spur Elementary School. All through elementary and middle school, Amanda was the tallest in her class. Most of her classmates would describe Amanda as shy. When entered PVIS in the 6th grade Amanda started pursuing her athleticism with volleyball. She would consider herself to be one of the better under-hand servers on the team. She also took part in plays at the Armstrong theatre in Torrance. Amanda’s favorite play to take part in was Footloose because she loved learning and performing the dance moves in front of her peers and family. Her parents were very