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This case is about Mr. Snyder an older man that has a son by the name of Lance Matthews who was in the Marines and pasted away on duty in Iraq. Lances father then chose a place to lay his son at peace at a catholic church in the hometown they live in. In the hometown of Westminster, Maryland everyone was basically aware of the funeral that was going to take place. Even the Mr. Phelps was aware of this funeral and decided to take this trip to Maryland along with 6 other relatives to picket. These pickets consist of rudely gestures that was placed and said that related to the line of duty that Lance himself was serving for. The westboro picked across the street from the church to prove a point and raise them signs so people could see them. Mr. Snyder was so embarrassed that these rudely activities took place during the time that he had to bury his son.
The procedural history that took place during this case had a lot of opinions on what was right and wrong about the action that took place. Connick v. Myers stated that law #, 461 U. S. Although the boundaries of what constitutes speech on matters of public concern are not well defined, this Court has said that speech is of public con-cern when it can “be fairly considered as relating to any matter of political, social, or other concern to the community,” id., at 146, or when it “is a subject of general interest and of value and concern to the public,” San Diego v. Roe, 543 U. S. A statement’s arguably “inappropriate or controversial character . . . is irrelevant to the question whether it deals with a matter of public concern.” Rankin v. McPherson, 483 U. S. (Pg. 2 Snyder) the court did not yet authored they opinion on the consequences that should be taken place. Because they said that they had to determine whether or not the speech is of public or private concern. They then will have to examine the content of what the Westboro wrote about on the pickets. It is definitely a trial court to me due to that Mr. Snyder was disrespected during the course of burying his son and the disturbance that took place.
Now the court needs to see what the question at issue is in this case. The question now is that what the Westboros was doing that they have been doing for years at several different locations and multiple times at different military funerals why is it an issue now? Another thing is Snyder getting his privacy of his son rest at peace was it proper for the Westboros to come and invade on the day of his son burial. The issue before the court was that Snyder felt as though he was being violated of the burial of his son and that the comments that were put on the signs were rude due to that he felt as though his son was being disrespected. And also that Phelps was doing this to prove a point to all marines as he said he was not directing that towards his son he was speaking in general. Now the parties are asking the court to decide whether or not Snyder’s