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1. He was in the back of a ticket holder line with his friend Roy.
2. Cutting in line, going to the front of everything, people, and paces around him.
3. Birnaum has physical limitations that he can do for his difficulties so he is going to take advantage of these actions while they last.
4. Running over a guy’s foot and then trying to get into the elevator before a blind man and a young tan girl yells at him for it. Then he realizes that blind people are before people in wheelchairs.

Purpose and Audience:

1. That the disabled are allowed to do anything and everything they want. He starts to act like it in the story he explains about himself and his actions.
2. I do not know why he stated it in the end. Yes, he should have stated it in the beginning so readers knew what the whole story was about and whom it was about.
3. Well, if he were addressing health care professionals the story would have went a little bit different instead of sounding cocky. He would have apologized to other people with disabilities.
4. To explain that even people with disabilities do not always have their way just like normal people. No, to inform readers.

Style and Structure:

1. He should have began it with a question instead, and possibly used a formal introductory.
2. It makes it more convincing because it is actually coming from a person who knows what they are talking about and has experienced these issues before.
3. He arranges his examples backwards in his story then in his thesis statement. It made me have to relook over it and think about what he was talking about and understand.
4. Because he is talking about a pregnant lady and people with disabilities first and then him.

Vocabulary Project:

1. Quadriplegia- Body parts Reprimand- Reprove Purser- An officer who assist passengers Condescending- showing or implying Patronizing- behave in a concerning manner Chardonnay- wine Trumps- compared to
2. Quadriplegia, my body hurts from my neck down. None, they mean the same.
3. He is being serious. He was in a catbird seat.

Journal Entry:

Yes I think people who have disabilities have more advantages than pregnant women do or even people in general who are not hurt. I think this is unfair. No, I do not think he should have special