Noble Jones Essay

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Noble Jones
Noble Jones was called “Morning Star of Liberty”. He was prominent among Georgia’s Whig leaders before and during American Revolution (1775-83).Jones served in both provincial, state legislatures and the Continental Congress. Noble Jones also made a laudable record as progressive physician and Savannah civic leader.
Noble Wimberley Jones was born in the early 1720’s. His parents were Noble and Sarah Jones. His parents, sister Mary, and Jones were all members of the first group of colonists. His father trained Noble Jones for the medical career. Noble Jones father also set an example of government service. Like his father, Jones accumulated thousands of acres of land, where he was interested in planting rice and other crops. He married the beautiful, Sarah Davis in 1755. Together they had fourteen children, but lost one.
Jones began his political career in 1755 with election to Commons House of Assembly. In 1768 he was elected speaker of the Commons House. Noble Jones was involved with the Commons House until 1775. James Wright saw Jones as a serious threat to royal authority and thereafter dissolved the Commons House whenever Jones was elected speaker.
Jones and other Whigs met in early 1775 to form Georgia’s short-lived Provencal Congress. In May 1775 news of an outbreak fighting in Massachusetts electrified Georgia’s Whigs. Because of this, Jones and other Whigs broke into savannah’s royal magazine and took about 600 pounds of gunpowder. Jones didn’t go with the Whigs because his father was ill and that kept him in Savannah. Jones and Whigs took over Georgia. Jones was a member of the convention that crated state Constitution of 1777. When the Provincial Congress became the House of Assembly, Jones was elected speaker. The British captured Savannah 1788, Jones escaped to Charleston, South Carolina, were he worked at a physician until captured with the city in 1780. He was imprisoned in St.