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The world has changed in many ways, societies from all over the world have risen and fallen while some traditions have vanished while others have strived throughout time. Many cultures and religious practices have suffered and embraced different traditional changes, making each one unique and exceptional in their own way. As a student craving knowledge I chose “Islam” in order to learn, observe and understand the story behind its religion, In hopes of learning what it’s like living and practicing the Islamic religion every day, in the wake of peoples obvious disliking and comfort in 2013 America. I got help from three Muslim participants named Guest one, Guest two, and Guest three. Guest one is a 28 year old man of Iranian descent. Born and raised in the bay area, he has been a faithful and devoted Muslim since childhood. He takes part in multiple Islamic community centers within the East Bay. He is an active member of the San Ramon Valley Islamic center and is happy to share and give insight on anything concerning his religion and way of life. Guest two is a woman of Palestine descent. She is 30 years old and was born in the East Coast and lives in the Bay Area with her family. She too is a devoted and active Muslim, working with other Muslims communities around the East Bay. Finally, guest three is a 24 year old male of Gambian descent. His parents were born in Gambia, but he was born and raised in the Bay Area. Unlike the other participants guest three isn’t as active nor in touch with any Islamic communities. However, he is a faithful Muslim man and does attend a Mosque in Hayward from time to time and if not there he continues his practices in the comfort of his own home. By observing and interviewing these three participants, I gained a better understanding of what its like practicing Islam in today’s globalized and modernized America.

Islam is a religion and way of life, which one submits to follow a spiritual way of life. Muslim are individuals who submit and follow Gods Creed of mercy, peace and forgiveness. The three observations were done in the comfort of each individuals own home. Each guest participant granted me an hour of full coverage of their daily life activities and allowed me to observe each ones quarters when performing their prayers ritual also known as Salat. When done at home, the praying ritual is alway performed in silence unless when singing. I chose this particular environment to one allow them to feel the most comfortable and two, to see their daily interaction with family and life. Guest ones house was very American and suburban in construct. Once inside I noticed that it seemed like every other house I’ve been to, with a prayer room dedicated to prayer and discussion as the only real noticeable difference. Guest two houseewas also similar in construct. Once inside I noticed a smaller difference with the amount of small scriptures like hangings displaced on the wall. Guest two told me that they have hanging as a reminder of their faith, but also their practice as Muslims. They didn't have an area specifically designated for daily prayer. However each room had a yoga like mat and Quran book in a corner that was used for obvious personal prayer use. Guest three’s home was similar, but different that I saw no signs or portraits in anyway becoming of his faith. He told me that his family opted instead to embrace a manner by which you practice your religion in personal space. I asked if this was in any way indicative of the manner by which American perceived Islam today and his response was no, they simply wanted to embrace the notion of freedom of expression. According to Patricia Smith, a writer and reporter at the Scholastic Press, states that one of the challenges young Muslims face today is learning how to carve an American Muslim identity out of today’s diverse societies. Today’s American Muslims are recreating old traditions and culture in a manner that fits and blends with their