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Report Assignment

Nokia Social Report
Thanks for taking your time to read this report; in the report, a variety of information about the past and the future of our sustainable commerce process would be found.
1. Mission Statement and History
The mission statement of Nokia is quite simple: Connecting People. To estimate a wonderful mobile experience and mode which correspond with the desire of modern life for billions of people all over the world, should be the best description of our goal. In today's mobile world, ideas, energy, excitement, opportunities and a number of factors make us believe that nothing is unpossible. Undoubtedly, that is what encourage us donating ourself into one of the world's most stirring work.
Since 150 years ago, Nokia has been having an inspiring developing procedure which came originally from a riverside wood pulp mill in South-Western Finland to presently the leader enterprise of the global telecommunication industry. We have kept running for a long way to what we represent at this moment. Now, a much more opportunity-filled path located in front of our sight, which would lead to a brilliant and unbelievable future.
2. Industry and Competitors
According to the newest raking of information and communication technology (ICT), Nokia still kept the first place while we are having more than 50,000 Euros net yearly profit. In addition, there is an over 10,000 millions Euros gap between the second one--CISIO Systems and us. Also, in the sustainability ranking for ICT industry held by Tomorrow's Value Rating, Nokia has got a second-ranked score. (GreenerComputing, 2010)
3. Employee Policies and Benefits
According to the latest statistics from the Nokia personal management data system, we have cleaned up and classified the figures below. ▪ At the end of 2011, Nokia employed 56,364 people. ▪ At the end of 2011, 15.2% of senior management positions in Nokia were females ▪ In 2011, nearly 29 million Euros has been invested in training; particularly, an average of 980 Euros per employee working in areas other than production.
Our success depends on our employees. Of no doubt that our human resource is the key element of the way to fulfill our sustainably achievement. At the same time of developing by making better operating strategies, we also spared no effort on the process of improving our culture on human resource management and initiated a series of fundamental transformation. Among the latest activities we took for changing culture, the new leadership principles were given the highest priority. We keep believing that a successful Nokia leader is able to shoulder responsibility, have a sense of crisis, and play a vital role in persistent quality communication with employees. According to our annual employee survey ‘Listening to you’, some of the feedback were seen as follows: ▪ 83% of employees thought they are ‘being treated with respect and dignity’ – a strong score, increase by 10% against a year before. ▪ 67% thought that among their work surroundings, they can speak up about any issue without concern. Also a strong one and above the average. ▪ 65% of employees thought the leaders are inspiring and act as role models.
4. Our social responsibilities----Sustainability
Typically, Nokia regard the sustainable commerce as balanced and long term strategies of economic developing, including the social and environmental responsibility, which means refusing over-exploit the resource of future for the profit of present. Following this principle, we undertook a number of projects for the aims that cultivating more high-tech personnels, protecting resources, decreasing the pollution and environmental stress to the Earth.
4.1 Typical Project----NED
Nokia Education Delivery (NED) offers high-quality educational material in fields of mobile phones and networks. There are various usages of it. It can not only support those who are in need of using multimedia, but can be used in