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Nomads of Asia
The Mongols were a nomadic tribe of Asia. The Mongols lived on the steppes of Asia. The steppes of Asia were vast lands covered in grass.This nomadic tribe were expert warriors on horseback, and they were very mobile. They were also experts in the use of bows and arrows. The Mongols had no agriculture due to the elevation of the steppes they lived on, thus making them taker nomads. They would take anything and everything they could find when conquering other places killing anyone in their way. The Mongols were so ruthless they conquered by fear, use of violence, murder, vandalism and intimidation. Eventually Genghis Khan, their emperor, created and controlled the largest empire in history.
The reason that the mongols were a nomadic tribe was because of their geography. Due to living in the Northern latitude, it was impossible for agriculture. The land they inhibited was full of grass, also known as the steppes of Asia. But because of the elevation, the ground had permafrost, meaning the ground was permanently frozen. Despite the frozen ground and lack of agriculture the grass they lived on was very important. The abundance of grass helped to feed the abundance of horses the Mongols had. The horses helped the Mongols stay mobile and win many battles. One man could have up to 12 horses, and thanks to the grass they would always have fresh new horses available. The horses always had food to eat.
The Mongols were very brutal people. In their attack on japan, the Mongols would take Japanese woman, poke holes through their hands and pull a rope through it. Afterwards they would flip them over and hang them off the ship and let the Japanese men hear them scream. Once the Mongols offered gifts to the Muslim governor, but he refused…